Warm or Cold: How Do You Like Your Metal Butt Plugs?

Warm or Cold: How Do You Like Your Metal Butt Plugs?

Temperature play has been around for a while. People have been trying different ways to get off, and over the years, many have enjoyed ice play or something hotter. Today, everything is a bit easier, and the only thing you’ll need to enjoy temperature play is an appropriate toy.

Temperature Play Definition

Many people have temperature play kinks. But what exactly is temperature play? It is a form of BDSM sensual play that involves teasing your neuroreceptors with either heat or cold. You probably saw it in a movie — a couple using molten wax or ice during foreplay. That is what BDSM temperature play is. 

But wax and ice aren’t the only things you can do to achieve this. You can also try with oils, cream, butter, chilled fruits, vegetables, and others. One of the easiest ways to try out temperature play is by changing the temperature of your sex toys. If you are into anal play, you can simply heat up or cool down a butt plug before you use it to experience something different and unique. 

The Goal of Temperature Play

The main goal of temperature play is to stimulate neuroreceptors in our bodies. But if you use something colder or hotter to focus on the erogenous zones, the results can be thrilling. 

We all know how sensitive our bodies can be, and pushing it to the limits is something many people enjoy. A simple touch from a partner can be arousing, and if you combine it with stimulus coming from hot or cold objects, it can be incredible. 

Many couples use it during foreplay, and it’s not rare to involve blindfold as well. The person won’t be able to see anything, and their other senses will become even more sensitive. As a result, they will experience arousal due to the stimulation of their skin. Who knows — maybe they will even come just from that if you do it right.

Why Metal Butt Plugs Are Great for Temperature Play

The reason why metal plugs (and metal toys in general) are perfect for temperature play is that they can sustain changes in temperature. The melting point of stainless steel is around 1600 degrees Celsius, which is approximately 2750 degrees Fahrenheit. Even if you put the toy in the oven, you won’t damage it.

Furthermore, glass has similar properties, and the melting point is almost the same. That is the main reason why many couples interested in temperature play opt for either metal or glass toys. 

Moreover, metal is easy to clean, it is body-safe, and it can retain temperature for a long time. While there is a chance that you will have to reheat it (or recool it), it won’t take too much time to do so, and you will be able to enjoy having sexy time with your butt plug. 

Another important thing when it comes to metal toys is that they don’t create any mess. Original tools for temperature play like wax or ice can leave quite a mess, and you will need to prepare your room if you wanna play with molten wax. Metal butt plugs need nothing. All you have to do is change its temperature, and start playing. Finally, you can enjoy using plugs even if you are alone — pouring wax on yourself can be questionable.  


Using Ice and Warm Water for Temp Play

Now, the fun part. How do you heat or cool your butt plug? The answer is simple — you can use water. Since metal toys don’t have motors in them, and they are water-resistant, the only thing you need to do is submerge them into water. 

One of the easiest ways of doing it is turning on the sink and putting the plug under the stream. The best thing about this method is that the water won’t be too extreme for you to enjoy. Even the hottest water won’t hurt much, and you can just wait a bit if the temperature is too much to handle.

But if you want to experience something colder, you can get a bowl of water, and fill it with ice cubes. After that, submerge the toy inside, and leave it for a couple of minutes. The metal plug will quickly change the temperature, and you’ll be ready to enjoy yourself.

While heating the toy in the oven is still an option, it can be a bit dangerous if you leave it too long. We recommend testing the temperature with your forearm or elbow before putting it inside. 


Avoid Extreme Cold or Hot Butt Plugs

The only thing you need to worry about temperature play is avoiding extreme temperatures. Remember that your goal is to enjoy yourself and not to get frostbite or second-degree burns. Leaving the toy in the freezer can make it too cold for your body, and you might overestimate your anus by thinking: “yeah, this is good enough.” Similarly, heating it in the oven can lead to serious injuries, and even if the toy can take it, your body won’t. 

So, instead of experimenting with how much you can take, the best option is to go safe. Start with a bowl of warm or cold water for a couple of minutes. That way, you will have a pleasurable experience, and there will be no reason for you to visit the ER. 


Metal and glass sex toys are great, and there are so many ways you can enjoy using them. One of the popular ones in the BDSM community is temperature play. Since these materials have a high melting point, you can safely heat or cool them to enjoy something different. The change in temperature can be stimulating, and it will allow you to experience something thrilling and new. Get your own metal butt plugs and more at LovePlugs.co