Trim or Shave — Hair Care Down Under

Trim or Shave — Hair Care Down Under

Although our perception of the human body changes all the time, some things remain more attractive than others. Years ago, being a full-on hairy macho guy was something everyone wanted. From mustaches to hairy chests, most guys tried to look like Tom Selleck. But what about pubic hair?

Unlike your facial hair and that on your head, your pubic bush is still somewhat taboo. Both men and women have trouble accepting how their private parts look. Some like their natural pubic hair and opt to groom it while others are fine with their genitals being naked. However, no matter which category you’re in, it’s important to take care of your pubic region.

Like every part of the human body, hair has its purpose. Actually, it has more than one function. Firstly, our hair keeps us warm by providing an additional layer over our skin. Moreover, it’s a natural shield for keeping bacteria and dirt away from sensitive parts of our bodies.

Unlike the hair on top of your head or your eyebrows and lashes, your pubic bush begins to appear once you start sexually maturing. It’s a product of puberty. Since it grows in the place we mostly hide from the public, it often suffers from sweat and bad ordure. Therefore, taking care of your hygiene is key to keeping your body healthy.

Why Men Need to Take Care of Their Pubic Areas

Pubic areas are usually the target of all kinds of infections and medical conditions. One of the reasons for that is the fact that we keep them away from the eyes of the public. Wearing underwear, we hide our genitals, keeping up with societal norms. Unfortunately, this means both sweat and all kinds of bacteria come into play.

Even though hair is our body’s natural way of keeping our genitals safe, not taking care of hygiene can cause many problems. Mostly, it comes down to hair being close to the skin. If you don’t keep it clean, an infection can occur in no time. Also, lots of people have trouble with ingrown hair that requires a serious medical procedure.

All this leads a person to believe that shaving their pubic hair is the best option to keep their body healthy. Well, it’s not that simple at all. Removing the hair doesn’t mean it won’t grow out again. And once it does, the possibility of ingrown hairs is much higher.

Therefore, doing it carefully with a shaving gel or cream is more than recommended. Also, if you’re not willing to get a clean shave, you should regularly wash and trim your bush. It’s mostly the same as having a nice haircut. You trim it from time to time by going to your barber, but you wash it almost every day.

Possible Diseases Around the Area With Pubic Hair

Genitals are no stranger to various infections and diseases. Most of these problems come directly from bad hygiene, but some can occur as a result of using certain meds, contracting a virus, etc. If you’re having doubts about the health of your genital area, we suggest you immediately contact your local doctor for medical advice.

Usually, the first sign that something with your genitals is not right is a skin rash. Once again, the causes can be many, and they range from STIs to autoimmune disorders. One of the most common infections is jock itch. It’s a fungal infection that appears as a red rash that itches and may even blister. (Know more about autoimmune disorders)

Another usual suspect is balanitis. It’s the inflammation of the foreskin and the head of your penis. While poor hygiene is the main cause, symptoms are pretty obvious, and they appear as redness and itching. Once again, treatment isn’t hard if you contact your doctor as soon as possible.

However, skin infections aren’t always the cause of rashes. They can come from parasites, and they can be rather frustrating and annoying. Scabies and pubic lice are the most common causes of problems downstairs. They transmit through sexual intercourse and cause itching and redness.

More serious cases usually come from STIs, such as herpes, warts, and syphilis. All three are quite painful and can be serious if not treated. Warts and herpes come from viruses, while syphilis is a bacterial infection. Painful blisters, sores, and rashes are all STI symptoms.

Pros and Cons of Shaving and Trimming

No matter what your opinion on pubic hair removal is, you have to understand that both ways have their positives and negatives. It’s like Pepsi and Coke — both are good, but you can only choose one. Therefore, let’s go into detail and explore your options.

Shaving is a great way of making sure your genitals don’t smell when you sweat or at least not smell that bad. Also, once people remove their bush downstairs by shaving, their buddy will appear to be a bit bigger than before. You know, no extra stuff to keep your dong from showing all of its potential.

On the other hand, shaving can get quite tricky if you’re not used to it. It can leave dead skin and razor burns; hence if you’re not willing to risk your junk’s safety, you might need to reconsider going clean.

It’s different with trimming — it’s a great way of keeping your genitals neat, plus there’s no concern that you’ll cut yourself. Also, you can groom your hair in various ways as many kinds of hairdos are possible.

Unfortunately, the cons here are poor smell and the amount of time needed for a perfectly trimmed bush. Sure, time might not be the biggest problem, but when summer comes, your junk isn’t going to be pleasant to your partner at all. Moreover, you’ll be risking an infection if you don’t maintain personal hygiene.

How Often Should I Trim or Shave My Bush?

Well, it depends on many things, most importantly, how much you care about the look of your little buddy. In case you shave your genitals, it’s probably safe to assume you’ll need to do it as often as you’d shave your face. Depending on your hair growth, you’ll see if it’s once a week or more frequently.

On the other hand, when it comes to trimming — it’s mostly the same. If you allow your hair to grow out freely, you’ll probably end up with a rain forest down there. Therefore, checking your bush once in two weeks will probably do the work. All in all, you’ll be the best judge in both cases, seeing how you’re the one who says hi to the man downstairs.