The Dos and Don’ts to Follow When Trying to Make a Good Impression

The Dos and Don’ts to Follow When Trying to Make a Good Impression

Dealing with people is an art form all on its own. Your personality, skills, and overall public appearance will affect how they perceive you. But unfortunately, not everyone has the necessary features to succeed in leaving a good impression. So, how does one handle themselves when conducting a conversation?

No matter what your end goal is, you’re looking to leave a positive impression on the person in front of you. Of course, being a smooth talker with great body language will help, but in case you aren’t one, you can always improve your skills. And if you follow a couple of our tips here, you won’t need to become a professional actor to impress people.

Learning how to leave a good first impression can help you in various ways, from job interviews to hooking up with girls — you name it. Although it might seem like too much, learning how to impress others while interacting will turn your life around. Therefore, let’s delve deeper into tactics and strategy you’ll need to apply.

Areas You Can Focus on to Make a Good Impression

Even if looks don’t matter in the grand scheme of things, looking out for your appearance will surely help. To leave a great first impression, you’ll need much more than cool clothing, a fancy hairstyle, and a well-trimmed beard. But, combined with other features, your looks can prove to be the difference. Therefore, take care of your hygiene, get a regular cut, and don’t wear dirty clothes.

The next obvious area you should pay attention to is your posture and body language. When coming up to someone, you’ll want to show them you’re fully confident and believe in yourself. So, keep your back up straight, think about eye contact, and always have a firm handshake. That way, the person in front of you will immediately have a better opinion about you, and they’ll actively listen to what you’ve got to say.

Also, a great way for your first impression to last is to incorporate humor into your approach. Sure, not everyone can do it, and that’s fine. But in case you seem to think you can pull one off, don’t hesitate to lighten up the atmosphere. Just don’t overdo it as you want your humor to go into small talk territory.

Dos and Don’ts You Can Apply in Situations for You to Impress Women

Leaving a lasting impression on women is somewhat similar to a job interview. Sure, you don’t get drilled with questions about your vision on the work you’ll be doing, but some things are universal here. There are no simple ways to impress a woman — every one of them is different. But you can use a couple of tricks to make sure you have a fighting chance.

Once again, keep your appearance tidy and clean. No girl wants a bum coming to talk to her. Make sure you keep your hair and nails trimmed, your clothes in order, and your breath fresh. These little details are so basic that you can’t begin a simple conversation without them.

When you meet for the first time, try to shine some positivity through your body language. Make her feel comfortable when around you by being a healthy presence. To do that, keep your eye-contact game high and running, and pay attention to what she’s talking about. Being an active listener will help you come up with direct and useful comments that she’ll appreciate.

But most importantly, be a nice guy to her. No, not some anything-for-you kind of person. That will shove you into a friend zone immediately. Be a gentleman when it’s appropriate, but don’t hold back on your rougher side if needed.

Do Money and Material Things Impress Women?

Not to sound preachy, but saying money doesn’t matter at all would be a lie. But then again, it doesn’t play a big role in leaving a good first impression. It’s pretty much useless if you’re looking for an ordinary person. Sure enough, expensive clothes or a car might give you an upper hand, but the only thing important is a rich personality.

Material things and money can be useful, but if you’re a boring old fart, you’ll end up alone in no time. Sure, if your target person is a money-grabbing low-life, there’s no reason for you to keep reading this article. But if that’s not the case, why even bother with money and expensive things?

In case you think money buys people and emotions, well, you are wrong. Some might succumb to material things, but in reality, it’s a lame attempt at gaining attention from your potential partner. Of course, you shouldn’t be shy if you’re wealthy — just don’t put it in the foreground. Keep it cool, and rely on other things we’ve mentioned.

Looks Aren’t Everything

Although we’ve mentioned you should keep track of your looks, it’s important to note that they aren’t everything when it comes to leaving a good first impression. Sure, they can make the difference, but in truth, you’ll need much more than that. Appearance and looks are traits you should consider when trying to hook up with someone. But if you lack in posture, humor, and other things, you’re gonna fail big time.

So, don’t waste your time trying to look perfect because you’ll never get to be Brad Pitt. You should work on yourself, improve your personality, and become an overall better person. Try expanding your vocabulary by reading, watch some films, and gather useful information for any kind of circumstance. Don’t end up being a shallow old guy who thinks money can buy him happiness.