The convenience of app controlled vibrators

The convenience of app controlled vibrators

The vibrator industry has come a long way from the old classic chunky vibrators to nifty compact remote-controlled vibrators today. A favorite of modern women and couples, remote-controlled vibrators are available in various models. Some of them allow you to control it within 25-25ft range while you will also get other models that cover a far longer range. App-controlled vibrators are the most popular among remote-controlled toys and for all the great reasons.

As you can get from the name itself, these toys work in tandem with an app. One would have to download the app of the vibrator and operate the toy through smartphone only.

Why use app-controlled vibrator?

Hands-free fun

Unlike regular hand-held vibrators, you don’t have to stimulate yourself manually with the toy. Most of these toys are available in the form of wearables, such as vibrating panty or butt plug with vibrators. You would simply slip into them or tuck them inside and then go on with your life. After that just a few taps on your phone will be enough to drive you crazy in passion. Even those that are not available in wearables won’t need you to operate them manually. The app will do everything for you. It would be double the fun if you let your partner control the app.

Unlimited range

This is surely one of the best benefits of using app-controlled vibrators. You can operate these toys from just any part of the world- no matter how far you are from the main toy. This way, even if you are physically away from your partner, he can still tease you with the app. All you would need her is internet connection, the app and the right mood.

Brings long-distance couples closer

Lack of physical intimacy is one of the main reasons behind the growing rates of separation and divorce today. A lot of couples are forced to stay physically apart from each other mostly for the sake of their careers. And that deals a severe blow to their love life and sex life. Yes, communication technologies have really improved today. You can easily connect to each other over video calls and engage in virtual sex. But even that cannot make up for the warmth and closeness you feel when you two are physically close. It’s because, when you have video sex or phone sex, all the actions you do on your own. It lacks the intimacy that you get when you have your partner stimulating you.

And this is where app-controlled vibrators win hands down. No, it cannot bring your partner right next to you physically. But it makes sure, you do not lose out on the physical touch of your partner which goes a long way in keeping your bond stronger. You would just need to tell your partner to download the app in his smartphone. Then, when you two are in the mood of some naughty fun, just connect to each other, get the toy and let him tease you to a dream climax. This way, even when he is not around you physically, you still don’t miss out on his touch to some extent.

However, it doesn’t mean that it’s only the long-distance couples who can enjoy app-controlled vibrators. Couples who are physically together would also have a blast with these app-controlled toys.

Orgasm in public but discreetly

The fun part is app-controlled vibrators let you enjoy orgasm in a public place yet discreetly. It’s mostly possible because here neither you nor your partner would have to hold the toy to operate it. You can slip into a vibrating panty and go out for your dinner or grocery shopping. Your partner would just need to carry his everyday smartphone and then he would only need to do a few taps on the app to fill you with bursts of pleasure.

Sounds thrilling, right? Have you already started planning to get your own app-controlled vibrator by now? Well, here is a brief on some of the best remote app-controlled vibrators for your wishlist.

Lush 2 by Lovense

A new improved version of the previous Lush edition, this one packs quite a few punches hands down. The toy is not only famous for its powerful buzz but also for its customization facilities. Yes, as a Lush 2 user, you will be able to create customized vibration patterns and settings as per your specific mood and preferences. Another cool thing about the toy is that it enables you to sync up vibrations with music in your phone. This way, you can always have your favorite song in the background while playing with the vibrator.

Top features of the toy:

  • Amazing vibration intensity
  • Syncs up easily with other adult toys
  • The app is full of exciting features and available for all major operating systems
  • Syncs up with voice or music
  • Made from body-safe, phthalate-free and non-porous silicone

OhMiBod Fuse

With classy looks, this toy impresses from the very first sight. But, there is more to the toy than an elegant contour. It’s one of the best remote-controlled vibrators available today and perfect for long-distance couples. As it’s manufactured by Kiiroo, the toy can easily sync with other sex toys from the company.

You have a rabbit vibrator here which promises excellent stimulation both for clit and G-spot. In regards to vibration settings, there are 3 intensity settings and 4 vibration patterns to choose from. Don’t go by the limited numbers of patterns, the toy is extremely powerful at its job and would shower you with moments of unforgettable pleasure.

Top features of the toy:

  • App is bustling with cool features for couples
  • Powerful remote control
  • Made from silicone and hence body-safe
  • VR compatible
  • Goes well with other adult toys

Lioness Bluetooth Vibrator

You have another wonderful app-controlled vibrator here that promises incredible orgasmic effects. Both the app and the toy is extremely user-friendly and can be used easily even by a first-time user. The good part is the toy allows you to customize the vibration settings according to your moods.

Top features of the toy

  • Made from premium-grade silicone
  • Low noise operation
  • Enables sharing of vibration control with partner


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