Overcoming Biphobia in Today’s Time

Overcoming Biphobia in Today’s Time

Although the struggle of the LGBTQ community proved successful in most Western countries, there are still numerous problems we need to address. The social climate hasn’t been the same since the late 1960s. Generation after generation is becoming more and more open to accepting differences. However, some remnants of bigotry and closed-mindedness still exist.

Namely, being gay or lesbian isn’t as out there as it was back in the day. Most people don’t see anything wrong with it and include their homosexual friends into their lives just like anyone else. But on the other hand, being both straight and gay seems like too much for some. Liking men and women simultaneously still seems like something risky and unfavorable in today’s world.

With that in mind, our article aims to dismantle stereotypes and take on biphobia by its horns. From explaining what being bisexual means to how modern society sees it, we’ll be taking you on a rollercoaster ride of gender identities and sexual orientations. So buckle up and hold tight because our take might raise some eyebrows along the way.


Talking about biphobia can’t quite work without first talking about what being bisexual really means. So, we’ll try to explain it as simply as possible. In essence, bisexuals are the ones who feel sexual and/or romantic attraction for people of both genders. Their sexual orientation is in the middle of the hetero/homosexual spectrum.

Although bi people have always been around, the term only came about in the 1800s. Also, scientists explain that this form of sexual identity doesn’t only exist in human beings. Animals also participate in bisexual behavior. It’s a product of complex genetic and social factors.

Nevertheless, identifying as bisexual is somewhat complicated for some. A person can feel bi without ever taking part in romantic or sexual interactions with one of the two genders. This phenomenon leads to certain problems in both the LGBT and overall society. Some people refuse to accept others as bi if they don’t participate in various affiliated acts of standard bisexual people.

Throughout the last couple of decades, some people began to argue that every bisexual person has a dominant side. However, this is a myth. It’s simply a gross generalization. You can’t measure how someone feels towards females or males in a complex sexual orientation such as bisexuality. Simply put — it’s wrong.

Biphobia Explained

Namely, this term is a dislike towards bisexual orientation or the individuals who enjoy romantic or sexual interactions with both genders. It mainly comes down to denying that it’s a real thing and spreading false information about it. Biphobia can be present in any group of people, including other LGBTQ communities too. Biphobia also implies erasing examples of bisexuality from history. 

Since there’s still so much stigma towards bisexuals, it can be sort of problematic to come out as bi. Having a portion of both straight and gay people against you can prove difficult sometimes. Therefore, it’s pretty sad to think that other groups who’ve endured similar problems don’t support your struggle. And unfortunately, that can lead to mental issues and confusion for bi men and women.

From an early age, most people socialize their children as monosexual. This implies that girls like boys and boys like girls. Alas, this leads to unease and disarray for young people as they discover their sexuality with age. And since there’s not much talk about enjoying the company of both men and women, people lock their desires long-term.

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Do People Not Want to Date Bisexual People?

Another common problem bi people face is false misconceptions about cheating that make others avoid being in a relationship with them. In short, some claim that they’re most likely to commit infidelity. They argue that being attracted to both genders can’t make them settle for one partner at a time. However, that is a myth.

Just like every other stereotype, this one doesn’t portray every bisexual person in real-life accurately either. Moreover, infidelity doesn’t have anything to do with being of a certain sexual orientation. Cheating is a big thing for both gays and straight people. It comes down to how an individual acts, without their sex and/or gender identity coming into play.

Being faithful to your partner is certainly a virtue. And if you like both guys and girls, that shouldn’t make for an excuse for cheating on your lover. The thing is, if you’ve found the one, you won’t do it. It has nothing to do with straight women, gay men, or whatever. Calling yourself bisexual doesn’t make it right to do something behind your partner’s back, and you should feed this negative connotation others force upon you.

This is a piece of dating advice for everyone — cheating is a disgraceful practice you should avoid. No matter if you identify as this or that, hurting someone selfishly shouldn’t be a thing. So, without going any deeper into this, infidelity has nothing to do with being bisexual whatsoever.

Overcoming Biphobia and Coming Out

Just like with any other societal issue, it’s important to communicate and have an open dialogue about biphobia. The reality is that liking both genders is still a taboo topic, even in First World countries that praise themselves as open and inclusive. So, helping out your friends, family, and coworkers who identify as bi is key to making a change.

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Prohibiting someone from enjoying their life is wrong. And no, we’re not only talking about straight people here. We’re looking at the gay community too. Sure, not every homosexual thinks that bi people are phonies or cheaters. But it’s pretty disappointing that a community that was looked down upon for years doesn’t have sympathy for others who are suffering a similar faith.

If you’re troubled with coming out as a bisexual, remember that there’s no shame in being who you are. It’s okay to like both men and women. Moreover, don’t feel bad about yourself. You’ve got it better than most since there’s double the fish in the water for you to choose from.

Jokes aside, there is no doubt bisexuals will have it better sooner rather than later. However, it’s important to remember not to be condescending towards someone else once their time comes. The lack of togetherness in the LGBTQ community isn’t acceptable if we want for everyone to enjoy the life they choose for real. Unity is strength, and without it, we’ll never prevail.