How to seduce a girl into bed — The steps of seduction

How to seduce a girl into bed — The steps of seduction

There is hardly a thrill as intoxicating as seducing a girl and taking her from the restaurant to the bedroom.

A big part of that thrill lies in attempting to get every step of the way just right. You don’t have to do it perfectly, but you sure do have to try.

Here, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to end your date the best way possible.

Step 1: Create the right mood and ambience

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. That’s exactly why you have to create the ideal atmosphere for a night of seduction. It’s just as vital as anything you say or do on your date.

To that end, do everything you can to relax and please her. If she likes to wine and dines, give her the wining and dining of her life. If she’s more of a “beer in a pub” kind of gal, then it’s off to the local bar.

Step 2: Choose date venues located close to your place

If your goal is to take the girl home, what good does it do you to take her out to a restaurant 10 miles from your place? Sure, it may be a fine establishment, but it isn’t conducive to the result you’re after.

That’s why you should pick a venue close to your house or apartment. Of course, don’t take her to the worst joint in town just because it’s a block away from where you live.

Step 3: Give her your full attention

While you’re on your date, don’t spend all your time thinking about scoring tonight. Dates are all about getting to know one another. So do exactly that: be attentive, listen, share, and show some passion for the topics you discuss.

While you’re talking, make sure to hold solid eye contact. The best part of a date is the tension of looking at one another right up to the point of being overwhelmed with desire. 

Beyond that, maintaining eye contact also keeps your partner engaged in the conversation. Avoiding looking at your date puts you at risk of breaking the seductive spell, causing her to lose interest.

Step 4: Make her laugh

Without a shadow of a doubt, humor is the best way to get a girl to like you. As long as you make your intentions with her clear, being hilarious is practically guaranteed to make a girl interested in you romantically.

But saying “Just be funny!” isn’t very helpful advice. Humor is a very subtle, intuitive art. Some people are just born with it — others aren’t.

But that doesn’t mean humor isn’t a skill you can learn. While someone completely devoid of a sense of humor will never be like Louis C.K., they can still learn to be a little more humorous. That should make you much more attractive to women.

Step 5: Initiate physical touch

One of the biggest cues indicating a girl’s interest is her touching you in some way. She might gently stroke your hand or just lightly pat you on the back. If she does this to you, you’re likely hitting it off. 

But your date would like to see the same from you. Initiating physical touch will let her know you like her. It will also encourage her to respond in kind if she doesn’t feel comfortable about doing it first.

Keep this tip in mind before you sit at your table. Don’t sit opposite the girl, as that puts a barrier hampering these great little moments of touch. Always be within arm’s reach of her. It’s one of the most commonly espoused dating tips, so you probably know that already.

Step 6: Go in for the first kiss 

Assuming you’ve followed the above steps, chances are she’s had a great time, and the deal is already sealed. You just have to sign the contract, if you will. And that’s where the first kiss comes in.

The question of when to pull out the big kiss is an oft-debated one. There isn’t a real correct answer to it, though. You simply have to figure it out on your own. 

But you can get a feel for when it should happen by flirting with the idea of kissing her. Drop a hint here and there and see how she responds. If she’s already very receptive, there’s little stopping you from doing it right then and there. If she needs a little more time, then hold it off for a while.

Step 7: Invite her back to your place

Once the kiss is out of the way, you should see if she’d like to come over. There’s no need to beat around the bush here: you’re both adults, and you both know where this may be going. So just invite her.

But the tricky bit isn’t how you invite her. Rather, the rub lies in figuring out whether you should invite her in the first place.

Sadly, you’re on your own on this one. That’s why it’s so important to be attentive throughout your date (refer to step 3). If you’ve paid attention, you probably know by now whether she would like to come up or not.

Step 8: Continue seducing her back at your place

Just because the two of you kissed and went to your place doesn’t mean the dating game is over. This is the best part of it. Actually, it’s the reason online dating apps and dating, in general, exist at all.  

You’ve released some of the sexual tension through the kiss. Both your attentions have been made clear by her coming over. Now it’s just a matter of time before the main event kicks off.

But that only means you should dial up the seduction up to 11. Pour her a glass of wine (or beer if she drank beer on the date). Put on some smooth music. Hell, light up some candles, too — everything to make the ambiance just right.

Final Step: Let the seductive dance continue 


So your date ended with a bang. Great! That doesn’t end just because you had sex. You and her now share this thrilling new dynamic which you should explore with lust and passion. 

So don’t treat her like a stranger just because you got what you wanted from her last night. Be gentle, kind, attentive. But also show the same fire you felt the night before. 

And don’t blow her off once she’s out of the house/apartment (unless that was the arrangement you agreed upon beforehand). Keep in touch, and act as a friend would. Who knows, you might end up finding love in this girl, and getting rid of her only wastes that opportunity.