Facts and Guides About Seducing Difficult Women

Facts and Guides About Seducing Difficult Women

Difficult women are exactly the same women as others. They just don’t fall in love immediately. But don’t worry, it’s fixable. To please a difficult woman, you need to become such a man who will interest her. It is worth noting that it can take quite a long time to conquer such a girl. Often guys don’t stand it and in the process of their changes, find other women who are “10 times better and who like them the way they are”. Many men stop there. In any case, you will feel like a winner when such a girl chooses you.

Why are women so difficult?

The first thing you need to understand is why do they behave like that? For what purpose? And what do they want from relationships? To find answers to your questions, you should know that all difficult women are conventionally divided into three categories:

1. Women of a strict upbringing. From their early childhood, they were taught how to behave with men. They are explained what is permissible in communication with them and what is not. Their upbringing even forbids them to enter into sexual relations before a wedding. If a young man doesn’t intend to create a family with such a girl, then the sense of wasting his time on courtship is lost. But if a guy clearly decides to get the lady’s attention, then it is more likely that he will receive respect, care, and maybe even happiness in love and sex. And this is a big plus in a relationship. Fortunately, this is the most common reason for a girl to be difficult. So, you just have to show that she is the most important person for you and she will be conquered.

2. Women who have a high status in society. They can easily live without a partner as they are able to earn money by themselves, have their own business, and drive expensive cars. This is one of the signs of a difficult woman. Quite often men set a goal: to conquer such a queen. Here, it is important to think about what will give you a connection with her and what you have to sacrifice for that. Is it the desire to brag to friends or courtship for long-term relationships?

3. Another type of difficult girls is girls with sexual problems. They reject sex and consider it a dirty occupation. Any talk on such topics is perceived with hostility. A woman simply doesn’t excite and sex doesn’t bring her any pleasure. Whether someone needs an anti-sexual partner, who needs the help of a professional sexologist or psychologist, is a personal matter for everyone. But as a rule, such ladies quickly lose all interest in short-lived communication. It would be fair to note that there are problems of a sexual nature in girls with high status. It happens that their failures in communication with men they compensate by earning and spending money.

Signs of a difficult woman

It is not difficult to interest a girl if you know the approach to them and have sufficient self-confidence. But it is much more difficult to interest a difficult girl. And in order not to spoil everything, it is necessary to remember the basic principles that will be useful to any guy.

1. Determine whether she is really difficult

It also happens that a girl is just playing difficult because she knows that these women are more powerful than the ones who are ready for everything at once. Usually, this game is not difficult to notice: a girl tries to seem unapproachable, but as soon as the guy’s attention weakens, she is already trying to make contact.

2. A difficult girl definitely appreciates herself

She doesn’t have a relationship with everyone she likes and doesn’t have sex on the first date. Perhaps she doesn’t intentionally “inflame” interest by her behavior, but she always knows exactly what kind of man she needs and looks for him. More precisely, she waits until she finds him.

3. She is confident in herself

Perhaps the most pleasant trait in a difficult woman is her boundless self-confidence. She clearly knows her worth and she doesn’t agree to less.

4. She doesn’t need approval

Difficult women really don’t care what others think of them. They act based on their own interests and according to their own criteria. They don’t care how they are called in a circle of people, only what they think about themselves is important.

5. She can be happy without a man

A man is not a center of the world of a difficult woman. She always has a lot of hobbies, friends, she works and travels a lot and, in general, she is happy with her life, regardless of whether she lives alone or with a man. A man is important to her, but he doesn’t become the meaning of her life – probably, that’s why difficult women so attract and easily keep men.

How to seduce a difficult woman

If you fall in love, then follow these tips and you’ll easily seduce difficult women:

1. Avoid becoming a friend

This is extremely important. The line between the best friend and a loved man is invisible. Without sexual hints, good communication will turn into friendship. And this means the collapse of all plans in relation to a girl.

2. Flirting

How to deal with a difficult woman? Good flirting is the key to success. And a little dispute can improve your relationship with a girl. A bit of flirting, joking, and the girl’s self-esteem is already hurt and she wants to take revenge. If so, then she will definitely come to the next meeting. It’s also worth remembering that a good flirting is an opportunity to hug a girl. And this is romantic. Flirting creates a powerful sexual impulse, which is difficult to resist.

3. Behave as if she already likes you

Indeed, when you behave as if a girl already likes girls, you have a male attraction. The attitude of the opposite sex begins to change greatly and you notice how they become more interested in initiating communication. This is the strongest of all advice. But in order to feel its power, it is necessary to apply it in practice.

4. Don’t give up

Even if you failed during your acquaintance, this is not an excuse for retreating. Ladies appreciate men’s confidence and perseverance. But don’t overdo with this: presenting gifts, excessive attention, and care, you may get unpleasant consequences. You may start annoying her.

5. Find out about her interests and tastes

Prepare something unexpected for her. Discuss with a girl a topic that causes her interest. A lady will be happy to contact if you convince her that you have many common interests, the same values and worldview. This is how to seduce a difficult woman.

6. Be a reliable guy

Every girl thinks that a good guy is a guy who can protect both himself and his girlfriend. A reliable guy will always save her from unnecessary problems. But don’t overdo with the help at the very beginning of a relationship. You must be a guy that can help and not a kid who always helps if she smiles at him. Just stay connected. Every time she has an important event in her life, she must share it with you.

7. Make compliments

At any age, girls like gallant men who are slightly fascinated by their naivety. Courtesy should become an integral part of your image and not something special when you try to seduce a girl. The best compliment is your eyes. You made an appointment with a girl, she spent several hours preparing, you met her, said a compliment and went for a walk. It is an ordinary situation. Now imagine that a girl sees your astonished eyes when meeting and hears the phrase that you say with a slightly stuttering voice: “You look good”. She will be in seventh heaven with happiness as her efforts and preparations amaze you.

8. Make her trust you

The main skill that you need is the ability to competently communicate with a girl. Each girl has a whole set of events in the past, which she hesitates to tell. That’s why you need to hear this. If she tells you this and you calmly react to it, she will begin to trust you. This can be achieved if you tell a few funny and shy moments from your life. Thus, you give her a little hint that you are ready to hear about this. This is a king of game in giveaway. Any difficult girl will like this.

9. Show a girl a little approval

A girl may look calm and confident, but she would like to hear words of approval for her behavior. Therefore, you should know how to say pleasant phrases in time: “I like you” or “You’re cool”. They don’t show your mood, but a girl gets approval from you.

10. A good kiss will do half work for you

What is a good kiss? This is a kiss that a girl wants to receive and receives from you. It doesn’t matter where and no matter how. The main thing you saw her desire and took the first step.

Gifts for a difficult woman

It is not the most difficult mission on Earth to prepare gifts for a difficult woman, but it is understandable not to everyone how to surprise a girl with this. If you are one of such men, then just follow our advice:

1. Gift without reason

It can be anything from a postcard to a diamond brooch – it all depends on your financial capabilities, as well as the nature of your relationship. It is important to focus not on your attitude, but on the nature and taste of a girl. In other words, an extreme lady is unlikely to appreciate a snow-white pigeon with a love note, and a subtle romantic nature will definitely not be delighted with an unplanned parachute jump.

2. Pleasant dinner

Where should it take place? It depends on the nature of a girl. Some will be happy to go to the restaurant, some will prefer dinner on the roof of a skyscraper, and some girl will be delighted to watch her bustling guy in the kitchen. This is how to love a difficult woman.

3. A gift in the shape of a heart

Want to cause trembling in the chest of a girl? Present a gift in the form of heart. For example, order a heart-shaped cake that is hollow inside and hide something in it. Do you think this is banal? Then order a huge heart from helium balls tied together and put your present in its middle. And now with the help of a long rope, adjust the location of this “package” – the heart should be in front of your lady’s window.

4. Bouquet in an unexpected place

Don’t know how to surprise a difficult girl? Try to hide flowers in an unexpected place and, believe me, her heart will beat more often. To do this, consider in advance the route by which you and your girl will go and hide a bouquet there. It can be put in bushes, buried in snow or tied to a tree. Yes, and don’t forget to first find out which of what flowers your girlfriend likes.

5. Words about feelings

Walking along the beautiful park, you can simply stop, take her by the hand and just say about your tender feelings, about how beautiful and unique she is. Your difficult woman will be very pleased with such an unexpected manifestation of feelings. End this recognition with a passionate kiss, which will turn her head. A surprised girl will remember this for a long time.

Another way that may help express what is difficult to describe in words is a love letter. These gifts for difficult women, written by hand, have not lost their relevance. If you use perfume, then it is necessary to lightly spray it on a sheet of paper with the love message.