Don’t Risk COVID-19 for Sex

Don’t Risk COVID-19 for Sex

Since the beginning of 2020, the world has been facing an unprecedented health crisis. It’s safe to say that none of us were aware of the risk of this novel virus back in January. Nevertheless, it’s been almost ten months, and we’re still nowhere near the end. And unfortunately, no one can say when we’re going to go back to our old ways.

Most countries introduced strict measures to fight the pandemic, meaning physical distancing and quarantine are mandatory. However, staying at home and working remotely isn’t as easy as it might sound. The lack of socializing is bringing out the worst in some, including mental issues. But what does a global pandemic mean for people looking for a sexual partner?

Single People Were Hit the Most by This Pandemic

There’s no doubt that loneliness is one of the biggest problems a living person can experience. No amount of modern tech and social media can replace having physical contact with another human being. And if you add to this problem the fact that social distancing is an unfortunate necessity, you’ve got more at stake than some could handle. Therefore, single people are among those hit the hardest by this global crisis.

Sure, being able to work remotely is great since there are so many people who can’t, but that can’t help solve being lonesome. No matter where you live, clubbing and going out isn’t the same as before. It’s hard to meet new people and maybe have sexual activities later on. Not only are people scared to go out, but you also might be. And rightfully so. Covid-19 is no joke — it’s way more dangerous than the flu. So, let’s talk a bit about how it works in real-life.

COVID-19 Is Real and Here Is How It Spreads

Back in late 2019, an unusual number of people in China began to contact their doctors, coming in with flu-like symptoms. Unfortunately, a big percentage of patients would show signs of pneumonia. Aware that something’s not right, doctors soon understood that it might be a new type of virus that could spread throughout the whole world. And like in those obnoxious catastrophe movies, Covid-19 did just that.

Like every virus, Covid-19 needs a host to replicate and spread further. Unfortunately, unlike most flu-like infections, our common enemy is very, very contagious. Furthermore, most people are asymptomatic, which means they don’t know that they’re contagious. This trait makes the risk of spreading very high. And as we’ve seen by now, it quickly went from China to every other country.

However, most people don’t have severe complications. They either feel like they have a slight cold, or they are completely unaware of it. But for others, especially older people and those with preexisting health problems, it’s lethal. 

The High Infection Rate

The main symptoms of Covid-19 are high temperature, headaches, muscle pain, loss of smell and taste, as well as pneumonia. The latter is the reason why many people don’t make it through. Chest pain and a lack of breath are the first signs of pneumonia, and if it complicates, you need oxygen treatment or the help of artificial lungs (a respirator).

And since the risk of spreading is so high, you’re not completely safe even with a mask on your mouth and nose. You can catch it while in the grocery store, in the subway, at the movies, or in the restaurant. Also, having sex and sharing penile and vaginal fluids will help the virus spread. Hence, sex with a partner you don’t know is as much of a risk as being in a crowded space these days.

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Hooking Up Is a Bad Idea

Infectious diseases aren’t just physically damaging — they also take a mental toll on people. Isolating might be easy if you have money and resources to live a healthy life, but even that gets boring after a couple of months. We’re social beings, and we need the company to survive. Unfortunately, going out and meeting people you don’t know is more than dangerous.

The thing is, you don’t know if they’re aware of the danger as much as you are. And even if they do wash their hands constantly and avoid close contact, they could still be Covid positive. Hence, hooking up with a stranger is not an option these days. For both your and other people’s sake, please don’t risk COVID for sex.

Having a one-night stand with someone you’ll forget in the morning isn’t worth catching a potentially deadly disease. We’re all in this together, and if someone doesn’t care about their health, it will endanger everyone else. Nevertheless, don’t lose hope because it will end sooner or later. Vaccination is almost at our doorsteps, and herd immunity will be possible once enough people take the shot.

Sex Might Still Be on the Table

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the adult toy industry has gained a ton of new users. And it’s no wonder since being alone in your apartment means there’s no one around to help you out when you’re horny. However, sex toys aren’t enough for some.

Although the amount of different types of toys, accessories, and gadgets is vast, real sex is always better. Hence, some people came to an idea to be quarantine buddies. Agreeing to share their space with someone while working remotely is a great idea to keep your mood up to par. And if you add to that consensual sex, it gets even better.

The thing is that sexual health is as important as your physical and mental. Moreover, it’s closely connected with the latter two that it’s impossible to have an overall good quality of life without intercourse. Having that in mind, being a quarantine buddy with someone you know or you’re willing to know is a great way of spending this harsh time.

However, making sure that both of you take safety precautions seriously is paramount to having a successful quarantine. Moreover, it’s important who you’re budding up with. You see, spending time with just one person can prove to be difficult. Therefore, consent from both quarantine partners is key to making it work.

Last Words

There’s no doubt 2020 is a year we’ll never forget, to say the least. All our lives are at stake to some degree. Therefore, it’s key to be cautious and smart. However, if an opportunity to have a quarantine buddy comes up and you’re okay with it — take it. Not only will you have sex and fun, but you’ll also make sure your mental health doesn’t suffer.