Author: Loretta Younker

Overcoming Biphobia in Today’s Time

Although the struggle of the LGBTQ community proved successful in most Western countries, there are still numerous problems we need to address. The social climate hasn’t been the same since the late 1960s. Generation after generation is becoming more and more open to accepting differences. However, some remnants of bigotry and closed-mindedness still exist.

Namely, being gay or lesbian isn’t as out there as it was back in the day. Most people don’t see anything wrong with it and include their homosexual friends into their lives just like anyone else. But on the other hand, being both straight and gay seems like too much for some. Liking men and women simultaneously still seems like something risky and unfavorable in today’s world.

With that in mind, our article aims to dismantle stereotypes and take on biphobia by its horns. From explaining what being bisexual means to how modern society sees it,

Warm or Cold: How Do You Like Your Metal Butt Plugs?

Temperature play has been around for a while. People have been trying different ways to get off, and over the years, many have enjoyed ice play or something hotter. Today, everything is a bit easier, and the only thing you’ll need to enjoy temperature play is an appropriate toy.

Temperature Play Definition

Many people have temperature play kinks. But what exactly is temperature play? It is a form of BDSM sensual play that involves teasing your neuroreceptors with either heat or cold. You probably saw it in a movie — a couple using molten wax or ice during foreplay. That is what BDSM temperature play is. 

But wax and ice aren’t the only things you can do to achieve this. You can also try with oils, cream, butter, chilled fruits, vegetables, and others. One of the easiest ways to try out temperature play is by changing the temperature of your

Why Grooming Is an Important Part of Seduction

Sure enough, norms and standards change with time. Back in the day, we’d wear baggy jeans and oversized T-shirts, but now such fashion choices seem to be cringe-worthy. Trends have changed, and society finds certain things uncool today. The same goes for facial and body hair, not just clothing.

More than 30 years ago, men would bravely show off their hairy chests and mustaches, thinking it looked cool and macho. Unfortunately for them, those days are long gone, and fashion took a detour somewhere along the ride. A hairy chest, back, or legs are pretty much disgusting nowadays. Girls find them unacceptable and would rather die than feel the hair on their partner’s body while being intimate.

Although it’s not universal, most people tend to groom their facial and body hair to increase their sex appeal. You’ll see guys using anything and everything from razors and hair clippers to trimmers …

Trim or Shave — Hair Care Down Under

Although our perception of the human body changes all the time, some things remain more attractive than others. Years ago, being a full-on hairy macho guy was something everyone wanted. From mustaches to hairy chests, most guys tried to look like Tom Selleck. But what about pubic hair?

Unlike your facial hair and that on your head, your pubic bush is still somewhat taboo. Both men and women have trouble accepting how their private parts look. Some like their natural pubic hair and opt to groom it while others are fine with their genitals being naked. However, no matter which category you’re in, it’s important to take care of your pubic region.

Like every part of the human body, hair has its purpose. Actually, it has more than one function. Firstly, our hair keeps us warm by providing an additional layer over our skin. Moreover, it’s a natural shield for …

Why Women Don’t Go for Nice Guys

Do women like bad guys for real, or is it something you’re missing? It’s an old tale most people think about from time to time. However, is there any truth to it? Well, that’s why our article exists. We’re more than willing to help you out and explore why people seem to think that nice guys are not popular.

People usually associate being a good guy with being boring. Although that might seem stupid, there’s some truth to it. On the other hand, some women just like to settle for a stereotypical macho hunk who’ll eventually break their heart, somewhat poetically. People argue that it’s just their primal instinct kicking in and making them fall for guys who we consider alpha males.

Nevertheless, we’ll try to explain why being nice isn’t that original. But don’t worry — we won’t leave you high and dry. Along the way, we’ll give you

The Dos and Don’ts to Follow When Trying to Make a Good Impression

Dealing with people is an art form all on its own. Your personality, skills, and overall public appearance will affect how they perceive you. But unfortunately, not everyone has the necessary features to succeed in leaving a good impression. So, how does one handle themselves when conducting a conversation?

No matter what your end goal is, you’re looking to leave a positive impression on the person in front of you. Of course, being a smooth talker with great body language will help, but in case you aren’t one, you can always improve your skills. And if you follow a couple of our tips here, you won’t need to become a professional actor to impress people.

Learning how to leave a good first impression can help you in various ways, from job interviews to hooking up with girls — you name it. Although it might seem like too much, learning how …

The Convenience of App Controlled Vibrators

Are you finally tired of the old manual vibrators? Don’t worry; we have the perfect solution for you!

If you own a smartphone, you’re all set. That’s literally all you need. And some storage space for an app that will quickly become your favorite.

Don’t believe us? Continue reading and find out how convenient app-controlled vibrators actually are. Ah, how technology improves our sex lives! No, we’re not talking about sex robots… Maybe in the near or far future.  

We’re sure that there will be many new ways to reach orgasmic heights, but for the time being — let’s talk about remote vibrators.

How Technology Improves Sexual Pleasure

It’s no secret that we’re already living in the future. Technology has taken over our lives, for better or worse. But how does it impact our sex toys in general? We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you find out. 

We’re not

15 Sexy Ways To Seduce A Woman That Actually Work

Q: I’m a guy who’s been with my girlfriend for about five months now. We’ve just started to get out of that infatuation phase where all we can do is have sex, but we still want each other plenty. I really like her and want to hold onto her, but she made an offhand comment the other day about the fact that I always ask for sex the same way — kissing her and touching her boobs. She said she likes to be seduced in other ways sometimes. What are some ways I can maybe get her in the mood?

A: Ah, women. For us, “getting in the mood” is mostly psychological. Here are 15 tips for turning a woman on. Here’s the thing to remember that all of these have in common: you’re playing a long-game here.

Massage Her While You Have A Deep Conversation

I hate to spill …

7 Tips To Help You Seduce Women

Here’s the thing – you can attract women or you can seduce them. Either way you will get a first date and be able to get to know women that you want better, but when you seduce women you will have a better chance at success with them.

Initial attraction is physical and mental, and if you do the right things you can make a woman want to know more about you. But if you go a step beyond doing the right things, and create a sexual energy between the two of you, then you will also make a woman fantasize about you AND want to know more about you.

Fantasy = Desire, so use the following tips to seduce women wisely!


If you cannot make a good first impression in her mind, there is no way she is going to start to …

Facts and Guides About Seducing Difficult Women

Difficult women are exactly the same women as others. They just don’t fall in love immediately. But don’t worry, it’s fixable. To please a difficult woman, you need to become such a man who will interest her. It is worth noting that it can take quite a long time to conquer such a girl. Often guys don’t stand it and in the process of their changes, find other women who are “10 times better and who like them the way they are”. Many men stop there. In any case, you will feel like a winner when such a girl chooses you.

Why are women so difficult?

The first thing you need to understand is why do they behave like that? For what purpose? And what do they want from relationships? To find answers to your questions, you should know that all difficult women are conventionally divided into three categories:…