About Miguel

Despite his success as a dating coach for men, Miguel Koppas was actually a late-bloomer. He was not attractive, and could not even ask a girl out for prom. All of his college friends had their partners, while Miguel was the one who was always left behind during group dates. If there is something that Miguel was good at, it was reading and research. Little did he know that this would be his key to turn things around.

He used his not-so-good experiences in school as motivation to get better. Aside from signing up for a gym club membership, he self-studied the psychology of seduction for men. He spent every theory and behavior and made sure that he applied them as he continued to make himself better. He became unstoppable. In fact, he built himself to become the most eligible bachelor among his friends. He is chased by women. So now, it’s time to give back.

This website will feature Miguel’s months of research to understand techniques that men can use to seduce women, be confident, and how to continuously improve themselves.

We hope that you are ready for change because we are about to change you!