7 Tips To Help You Seduce Women

7 Tips To Help You Seduce Women

Here’s the thing – you can attract women or you can seduce them. Either way you will get a first date and be able to get to know women that you want better, but when you seduce women you will have a better chance at success with them.

Initial attraction is physical and mental, and if you do the right things you can make a woman want to know more about you. But if you go a step beyond doing the right things, and create a sexual energy between the two of you, then you will also make a woman fantasize about you AND want to know more about you.

Fantasy = Desire, so use the following tips to seduce women wisely!


If you cannot make a good first impression in her mind, there is no way she is going to start to think about you sexually. There are many elements that go into making a good first impression, but always remember to exude confidence in your body language and words, because that will go a long way. If you act scared or anxious, she will start to get turned off and it will be a lot harder to seduce her.


All women love a man who can take control and sweep them off their feet. Women have an instinctual desire to be with a manly man who can provide for them and their future kids; therefore, if you appear manly to a woman, then she will automatically start thinking with parts other than her brain. Manly men are confident and can take control of themselves and the situation, so be logical, assertive (but not too assertive), and desperate.


There is no better way to seduce a woman than to touch her. Yes, with your first impression and manly attitude you are touching her with your mind, but when you actually physically touch her, you connect your energy on a deeper level and she gets shivers that go down her spine. That electric feeling of touch will be enough to make her think about you in more intimate way.


Have you ever heard that when we watch something our brains cannot tell if it is actually happening in real life or not…the line gets blurred. For instance, if you are watching a horror movie, you may feel fear and anxiety because you feel as though you are really in the situation. You can use this information to seduce women and give her a visual that makes her feel as though she is in the situation. Move your hips slowly as you stretch, rub your hand along your neck, touch something suggestively. Do something that makes her think about you sexually and you will be on your way to seducing her.


Laughter encourages her body to release endorphins, and when endorphins are released she will feel a sense of euphoria. Better yet, if you cause those endorphins to release by making her laugh, she will feel a sense of euphoria directed towards you. Even though there is a lot more to be discussed about humor, the bottom line is that if you have a good sense of humor, then you should be able to seduce women.


When you approach women don’t beat around the bush and pretend that you are kind of interested…but not really. That kind of behavior just sends mixed messages to a woman and it is confusing and ultimately annoying. When you approach a woman, you want to keep her stress level down and keep her mind focused positively on you; therefore, you need to be direct and show her that you are interested in her and want to know more about her.


When you check women out, they feel good about themselves physically. When you check a woman out that you are talking to and interacting with, she will not only feel good about herself physically, but she will also feel good physically…if you know what I mean. Her mind will be directed towards your sexual interest in her, and that will turn her on. Therefore, let her catch you checking out her lips, her breasts, her hips – whatever, and make sure that you do it in a way that says, “I want to kiss or touch that.”