World’s Best Sandwhiches Milwaukee, Wisc.

1940 N Farwell Ave – Milwaukee, WI 53202

Tele: 414-273-1273 – Fax: 414-273-0393
Monday – Friday 7:00am – 9:00pm (Deli 7:00am-7:00pm)
Saturday & Sunday 8:00am – 9:00pm (Deli 8:00am-7:00pm)

The International House of Hodags, Sandwiches and Cerveza. Also thousands of other delicious and interesting items for purchase or perusal.

Welcome to Koppa’s, a local grocer/deli found on Farwell Avenue in Milwaukee Wisconsin. We offer fresh, and high quality sandwiches with a smile, and at fair prices. We also offer over the phone sandwich ordering and grocery/produce delivery. Our staff is super friendly, we have great sandwiches, and yes the Atari is free with a large selection of games, and two chairs for friends to play. Thanks for checking out our site!

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I love this strange little place.  Made my way through the vegetarian part!.  My favorites are Deli Lama, Atlantis, Euphrates. My husband loves the Bread

koppas-farwell-foods Favre.  And those giant peanut butter cups in the candy aisle are mighty tasty! My only complaint is they make the sandwiches too fast and I’m not done playing my games!! Oh and Monday is $5 sandwich day and online they have printable coupons..  even for sandwiches!!

- Jen Y.

Buy your bananas by plucking them off the fake banana tree. Plop the kids in front of the free atari 2600, because you may not be able to convince them that you walked uphill to school in the snow BOTH ways, but this is proof of the video games we had in our era. Priceless!!!

Try not to get too freaked out by all the eyes watching you. Yes those are real animals preserved by the art of taxidermy, poised at the top of the grocery isles, for no apparent reason whatsoever. Oh yeah, the isles have real names too.

There are some unique grocery items, and we did pick up a few, as well as a hot cup of self serve java for a mere buck. It rocked too.

Come for the experience. Trust me. Support the little guy and buy something while you are here. We will definitely be back.

- Kim M.

Super friendly staff, free Atari, and great sandwiches! I had the Deli Lama and a side of onion rings (all for just over 8 dollars). The sandwich tasted great and the onion rings could easily take someone sittings to eat. Great tasting food at affordable prices. A must go to!

- Bradley J.

Now it’s summertime. You know what that means? I’ll tell you. Don’t worry. It’s TIME FOR KOPPA’S DELICIOUS SANDWICHES to be eaten outside, either on their patio, or… you can take them to the lakefront. Best way to spend a lunch outside ever. Don’t doubt. Just do.

- Rachel F.